David Gauthier <davegauthie...@gmail.com> writes:
> sqfdev=> select now()::timestamp(0) at time zone 'utc' ;
>         timezone
> ------------------------
>  2018-07-11 11:27:12-04
> (1 row)

You're doing it wrong: coercing to timestamp already involves a rotation
to local time, and then "at time zone" says to interpret that as a time
in UTC, and the output is a timestamptz which will be displayed in your
local time.

I think the result you want is more like

        select (now() at time zone 'utc')::timestamp(0);

although personally I'd choose some other way of dropping the fractional
second, probably

        select current_timestamp(0) at time zone 'utc';

                        regards, tom lane

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