Simon Windsor <> writes:
> I have just upgraded a Db from pg 10.5 to pg11.4 and almost immediately we
> are seeing errors like
> ERROR,XX000,"cache lookup failed for type 22079"
> When inserting into a a partitioned table. About 30% of inserts are
> reporting this error.

Hmm ... can you show the full schema (eg, psql \d+ output) for the
partitioned table and its children?  Is there any pattern to the
failing inserts, eg do they all resolve as inserts to the same

> ... And an insert trigger uses the current date to dertmine where the
> object is stored.

In other words, this isn't actual partitioning as introduced in v10,
but a hand-rolled equivalent?

> How do I determine what type 22079 refers to?

Presumably, the problem is that that type OID *doesn't* refer to anything
any more.  You should be asking "where is this dangling reference coming
from?".  It's possibly hiding in the partitioning expression(s) of
this partitioned table, but there's no way to tell with this amount
of info.

How did you do the upgrade exactly?

                        regards, tom lane

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