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> Christopher Browne-3 wrote
> > Well, you're paying for a lot of overhead in that, as you're
> > establishing a psql command, connecting to a database, spawning a
> > backend process, starting a transactions, committing a transaction,
> > closing the backend process, disconnecting from the database, and
> > cleaning up after the launching of the psql command.  And you're
> > doing that 500 million times.
> > 
> > The one thing I left off that was the loading of a single tuple into
> > json_parts.
> > Reducing that overhead is the single most important thing you can do.
> Yes, I was thinking about that but no idea now how to do it right now.

Do you know any programming language (Python, Perl, ...)? You'll
probably get a huge gain from writing a script that just opens the
connection once and then inserts each file. 

Copy usually is even faster by a fair amount, but since you have to read
the data for each row from a different file (and - if I understood you
correctly, a remote one at that), the additional speedup is probably not
that great in this case.

Splitting the work int batches and executing several batches in parallel
probably helps.


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