Hi All,

I have quite a few tables that follow a pattern like this:

         Table "public.my_model"
  Column |       Type        | Modifiers
  period | tsrange           | not null
  key    | character varying | not null
  value  | integer           |
     "my_model_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (period, key)
"my_model_period_key_excl" EXCLUDE USING gist (period WITH &&, key WITH =)
Check constraints:
     "my_model_period_check" CHECK (period <> 'empty'::tsrange)

So, a primary key of a period column and one or more other columns (usually int or string) and an exclude constraint to prevent overlaps, and a check constraint to prevent empty ranges.

However, I'm hitting performance problems on moderate bulk inserts and updates, with ~700k rows taking around 13 minutes. Profiling my python code suggests that most of the time is being taken by Postgres (9.4 in this case...)

What can I do to speed things up? Is there a different type of index I can use to achieve the same exclude constraint? Is there something I can do to have the index changes only done on the commit of the bulk batches?



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