Dear All,

I have a table called question which has a ts_vector column *weighted_tsv*.
I have gin indexed the weighted_tsv column.

When I query using the following

EXPLAIN ANALYZE select * from question where weighted_tsv @@

I get the following output

"Bitmap Heap Scan on question  (cost=12.33..25.38 rows=10 width=731)
(actual time=0.058..0.062 rows=3 loops=1)"
"  Recheck Cond: (weighted_tsv @@ to_tsquery('Hur&ofta'::text))"
"  Heap Blocks: exact=3"
"  ->  Bitmap Index Scan on weighted_tsv_question_idx  (cost=0.00..12.33
rows=10 width=0) (actual time=0.052..0.052 rows=3 loops=1)"
"        Index Cond: (weighted_tsv @@ to_tsquery('Hur&ofta'::text))"
"Planning time: 0.205 ms"
"Execution time: 0.104 ms"

Why the query is using the Bitmap ? Not the Index scan ?
Also to_tsquery is casting to ::text. Is this normal ?

It would be of great help if anyone point me into right direction.


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