Hi guys,

I got a slave server running Postgres 9.2 with streaming replication and
wal_archive in an EC2 Instance at Amazon.

Postgres logs are showing me this error:

> restored log file "000000020000179A000000F8" from archive
> invalid record length at 179A/F8FFF3D0
> WAL segment `/var/lib/pgsql/9.2/archive/00000003.history` not found
> streaming replication successfully connected to primary
> FATAL:  could not receive data from WAL stream: FATAL:  requested WAL
> segment 000000020000179A000000F8 has already been removed

However, 000000020000179A000000F8 file is inside /var/lib/pgsql/9.2/archive

> postgres@devops:/var/lib/pgsql/9.2/archive$ ls -la | grep
> 000000020000179A000000F8
> -rw------- 1 postgres postgres 16777216 Sep 16 05:16
> 000000020000179A000000F8

It's an UBUNTU instance, so my recovery.conf is:


> restore_command = 'exec /var/lib/pgsql/bin/restore_wal_segment.bash
> "/var/lib/pgsql/9.2/wal_archive/%f" "%p"'
> archive_cleanup_command = '/var/lib/postgresql/bin/pg_
> archivecleaup_mv.bash'
> recovery_target_timeline = 'latest'
> standby_mode = on
> primary_conninfo = 'host=IP_MY_SLAVE port=5432 user=replicator
> application_name=devops'

What can be happening, if the file is in there?


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