This is probably the start of your quest into this project. No doubt you’ll 
need to handle other queries. 


So my suggestion is first to rationalise the data storage before digging any 




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I'm working with a client running postgres 9.2, they have a table with a 
"json_data_string" column of type json


the data looks something like this with lots of rows for each (i.e. lots of 
json_data_string->book_name rows, lots of json_data_string->catalog_name rows, 

'{ "book_name": "Book the Fourth", "author": { "first_name": "Charles", 
"last_name": "Davis" } }'
'{ "catalog_name": "Catalog the Fourth", "author": { "first_name": "Charles", 
"last_name": "Davis" } }'
'{ "magazine_name": "mag4", "author": { "first_name": "Charles", "last_name": 
"Davis" } }'
'{ "category_name": "region", "author": { "first_name": "Charles", "last_name": 
"Davis" } }'
How can i pull a unique list of all json column names? such as book_name, 
catalog_name, etc
Thanks in advance

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