On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 10:14:08AM +0200, Andreas Joseph Krogh wrote:
> I would assume that having pg_largeobject in a separate tablespace is more and
> more common these days, having real-cheap SAN vs. fast-SSD for normal tables/
> indexes/wal.

So common that no one has ever asked for this feature before?

> So - I'm wondering if we can fund development of pg_upgrade to cope with this
> configuration or somehow motivate to getting this issue fixed?
> Would any of the PG-companies (2ndQ, EDB, PgPro) take a stab at this?
> Any feedback welcome, thanks.

You would need to get buy-in that that community wants the relocation of
pg_largeobject to be supported via an SQL command, and at that point
pg_upgrade would be modified to support that.  It is unlikely pg_upgrade
is going to be modified to support something that isn't supported at the
SQL level.  Of course, you can create a custom version of pg_upgrade to
do that.

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