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> Our application runs against postgres We recently
> run into the dreaded ERROR:  MultiXactId 82578299 has not been
> created yet -- apparent wraparound. We've truncated this big table.
> Will truncating save us from getting this error soon again or does
> this bug have nothing to do with the size of the table? The
> application has also been tested against. 9.3.12 will upgrading to
> this reduce the chance of us hitting the bug until we can get the
> application tested in 9.5. thanks

It's fixed in 9.3.14


Prevent possible failure when vacuuming multixact IDs in an
installation that has been pg_upgrade'd from pre-9.3 (Andrew Gierth,
Álvaro Herrera) 
The usual symptom of this bug is errors like "MultiXactId NNN has not
been created yet -- apparent wraparound".

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