Vinicius Segalin <> writes:

> 2016-09-29 16:32 GMT-03:00 Julien Rouhaud <>:
> >  You should try sqlsmith (, which works
> >  very well.
> I had found this one before, but all I could get was queries using
> "standard" tables, like the ones from pg_catalog and
> information_schema. It didn't generate queries from the tables I've
> created. Was I doing something wrong?

It should pick your relations with the same likelihood it picks the
catalog tables.  You could verify this for with, e.g.,

    sqlsmith --dry-run | grep your_table_name

Thanks to Julien, sqlsmith's master branch now has an option
--exclude-catalog that inhibits use of catalog relations.  If you are
building from github, you might want to give it another chance with this
option.  I'll probably do a proper release in next two weeks.

Feedback welcome :-)


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