Tom Lane schrieb am 18.10.2016 um 16:11:
I thought pg_depend only stores the dependency if the the sequence was assigned
an owning column (through OWNED BY).

No, there will be regular expression dependencies as well.

That 'a' dependency is the one that pg_get_serial_sequence() looks for,
but the default-to-sequence dependency will be there in any case.

regression=# create table t2(f2 int default nextval('t1_f1_seq'));
regression=# select pg_describe_object(classid,objid,objsubid) as
obj, pg_describe_object(refclassid,refobjid,refobjsubid) as ref,
deptype from pg_depend where objid = 't1_f1_seq'::regclass or
refobjid = 't1_f1_seq'::regclass;
              obj               |        ref         | deptype
 type t1_f1_seq                 | sequence t1_f1_seq | i
 sequence t1_f1_seq             | schema public      | n
 default for table t1 column f1 | sequence t1_f1_seq | n
 sequence t1_f1_seq             | table t1 column f1 | a
 default for table t2 column f2 | sequence t1_f1_seq | n

Great, thanks. I meant to include that dependency in my SQL Workbench as well,
but could never find the correct way of joining the tables.

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