I recently found a bug on open source ZeosLib Database components for
Lazarus (Object Pascal) which is when ZeosLib is used with PostgreSQL
database server. Bug was that library simply removes any uuid column from
select result set. Problem is now solved and current SVN includes fixes (fix
was to first define uuid field type in library then read 16 bytes for uuid
defined columns and finally convert byte information to string
representation for displaying on the result set).

However, my additional tests on latest SNV version of the library resulted
that there is a new bug while inserting values to uuid columns. Provided
uuid value to be inserted is wrong in relevant columns. Considering string
representation of uuid, only last section of the inserted uuid is correct.
Discussing with ZeosLib developers and they are not sure how to pass that
uuid value to libpq while saving. Current questions are;
- Should it be direct string representation or 16 byte raw value?
- If 16 byte raw value, is there any special way to build that 16 bytes from
string representation?

As nobody can be sure on ZeosLib side and I could not find such information
on libpq documents on PostgreSQL web site. I decided to ask here for help.

Thanks & regards,
Ertan Küçükoğlu

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