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> *​H​ave you looked at the TUPLES ONLY option?*
> *-t* *--tuples-only*
> *Turn off printing of column names and result row count footers, etc. This
> is equivalent to the \t command.*
> *https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.4/static/app-psql.html
> <https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.4/static/app-psql.html>*
​Hadn't pondered it for this usage.  Now that I have I'd say having the
column names be visible for those few times the query returns results would
be nice.​  So, close but not quite.

I eventually saw, in one of the three descriptions for "tuples only" where
the caption is explicitly noted as being hidden in this mode. In my
proposed feature the caption, like the table it is attached to, would be
visible only conditionally.

David J.

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