On 2017-06-21 Adam Sjøgren <a...@novozymes.com> wrote:

> Adam Sjøgren <a...@novozymes.com> wrote:

>> Meanwhile, I can report that I have upgraded from 9.3.14 to 9.3.17 and
>> the errors keep appearing the log.

Just to close this, for the record: We haven't seen the errors since
2017-06-30. We upgraded to 9.3.17 (latest 9.3 point-release at the time
of writing) on 2017-06-10.

Whether this means that the affected rows gradually got overwritten
after switching to .17 and thus got fixed, or if something subtle in our
workflow changed, so we aren't hitting this anymore, or something else
entirely is the answer, we're not sure.

We didn't get to trying Alvaro Herrera's suggestion of removing
6c243f90ab6904f27fa990f1f3261e1d09a11853 before the errors stopped
appearing "by themselves".

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