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> Hi, I'm trying to use imcs module to store table space in memory.
> But, It dose not work with 9.6 version anymore.
> Releasing 9.6, lwlockassign() function has been deleted, cause of some
> issues.
> So, What I want to ask you something is that postgresql decide not to
> support to imcs module officially (I know imcs module is not updated long
> time and not offcially supporting module). And are there other way to store
> table space in memory only?
> ​I just went to https://github.com/knizhnik/imcs to look at IMCS. Just
one day ago (9 Aug 2017), someone put in a new file which says that it
addresses the LWLocks in 9.6.3 . Perhaps if you got this newest version,
this is fixed?​

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