From: Thomas Munro []
> +#ifndef PGTYPES_FREE
> +#define PGTYPES_FREE
> + extern void PGTYPES_free(void *ptr);
> +#endif
> It seems quite strange to repeat this in pgtypes_date.h, pgtypes_interval.h
> and pgtypes_numeric.h.  I guess you might not want to introduce a new common
> header file so that his can be back-patched more easily?  Not sure if there
> is a project policy about that, but it seems unfortunate to introduce
> maintenance burden by duplicating this.

Your guess is correct.  I wanted to avoid the duplication, but there was no 
good place to put this without requiring existing applications to change their 
#include directives.  

> +   <function>PGTYPES_free()/<function> instead of
> <function>free()</function>.
> The "/" needs to move inside then closing tag.

Thanks, fixed.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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