On 09.02.2018 11:02, Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:

On 09.02.2018 10:47, Sergei Kornilov wrote:

select into b from my_insert('from func atx');
You missed select something into b. For example,
select ret into b from my_insert('from func atx') as ret;

Using scalar function in from is not bug.
Silent assigning NULL for variables in "into" not matches same in "select"... I think better would be raise warning.

regards, Sergei
Thank you.
Really the problem is caused by empty source list for INTO.
If I rewrite query as

    select my_insert into b from my_insert('from func atx');

then it works as expected.
But I wonder if the original statement should be considered as error or at least we should produce warning for such empty projections?

Attached please find patch reporting error in case of empty attribute list for SELECT INTO.

Konstantin Knizhnik
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diff --git a/src/pl/plpgsql/src/pl_gram.y b/src/pl/plpgsql/src/pl_gram.y
index 7f52849..c43d572 100644
--- a/src/pl/plpgsql/src/pl_gram.y
+++ b/src/pl/plpgsql/src/pl_gram.y
@@ -2853,6 +2853,7 @@ make_execsql_stmt(int firsttoken, int location)
 	int					prev_tok;
 	bool				have_into = false;
 	bool				have_strict = false;
+	bool                have_attributes = false;
 	int					into_start_loc = -1;
 	int					into_end_loc = -1;
@@ -2907,6 +2908,8 @@ make_execsql_stmt(int firsttoken, int location)
 				continue;		/* INSERT INTO is not an INTO-target */
 			if (firsttoken == K_IMPORT)
 				continue;		/* IMPORT ... INTO is not an INTO-target */
+			if (!have_attributes)
+				yyerror("Empty list for INTO-target");
 			if (have_into)
 				yyerror("INTO specified more than once");
 			have_into = true;
@@ -2915,6 +2918,8 @@ make_execsql_stmt(int firsttoken, int location)
 			read_into_target(&rec, &row, &have_strict);
 			plpgsql_IdentifierLookup = IDENTIFIER_LOOKUP_EXPR;
+		else
+			have_attributes = true;
 	plpgsql_IdentifierLookup = save_IdentifierLookup;

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