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> On Fri, Feb 02, 2018 at 04:07:28PM +0900, Michael Paquier wrote:
> > You need to read that as "only a SubPlan can be executed after a SubLink
> > has been processed by the planner", so please replace the last "latter"
> > by "planner".
> (I forgot to add Peter and Andrew in CC: previously, so done now.)
> e4128ee7 is making is clear that SubLink are authorized when
> transforming it in transformSubLink(), however I cannot think about a
> use case so should we just forbid them, and this is actually untested.
> So the patch attached does so.
> The second problem involves a cache lookup failure for a type when
> trying to use pg_get_functiondef on a procedure.  Luckily, it is
> possible to make the difference between a procedure and a function by
> checking if prorettype is InvalidOid or not.  There is room for a new
> patch which supports pg_get_proceduredef() to generate the definition of
> a procedure, with perhaps a dedicated psql shortcut, but that could
> always be done later on.

Blocking subqueries in CALL parameters is possible solution. But blocking
func def for procedures without any substitution doesn't look correct for



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