> It'll only get sent to the client the next time the server processes a
> query. We can't just at arbitrary points reload the config file or send
> messages out. The SIGHUP handler just sets ConfigReloadPending which
> PostgresMain() then processes:
>               /*
>                * (6) check for any other interesting events that happened 
> while we
>                * slept.
>                */
>               if (ConfigReloadPending)
>               {
>                       ConfigReloadPending = false;
>                       ProcessConfigFile(PGC_SIGHUP);
>               }
> which'll then, in turn, send out ParameterStatus messages for changed

Thanks. I confirmed what you said by using strace attached to

One thing I noticed was, some GUC variables were sent as well even if
they were not changed.

sendto(10, "S\0\0\0\27DateStyle\0ISO, 
 1\0Z\0\0\0\5I", 146, 0, NULL, 0) = 146

So not only standard_conforming_strings, but Datestyle and TimeZone
were sent to frontend (I only changed standard_conforming_strings in

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