I pushed this now, with fixes for the last few comments there were.

Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> I don't understand the variable name "third".  I don't see a "first" or
> "second" nearby.

Hah.  That was referring to variables "myself" and "referenced".  I
changed the variable name to "parentConstr".

> I find some of the columns in pg_constraint confusing.  For a primary
> key on a partitioned table, for the PK on the partition I get
> conislocal = false, coninhcount = 1, connoinherit = true
> The last part is confusing to me.

Yeah, I think it was patently wrong.  I changed it so that connoinherit
becomes true in this case.

Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Jaime Casanova wrote:

> > also noted that if you:
> > 
> > """
> > create table t1(i int) partition by hash (i);
> > create table t1_0 partition of t1 for values with (modulus 2, remainder 0);
> > create table t1_1 partition of t1 for values with (modulus 2, remainder 1);
> > create unique index on t1(i);
> > alter table t1 add primary key using index t1_i_idx ;
> > """
> > 
> > the ALTER TABLE ADD PK does not recurse to partitions, which maybe is
> > perfectly fine because i'm using USING INDEX but it feels like an
> > oversight to me
> Ouch.  Yeah, this is a bug.  I'll try to come up with something.

After looking at it for a few minutes I determined that adding this
feature requires some more work: you need to iterate on all partitions,
obtain the corresponding index, cons up a few fake parse nodes, then
recurse to create the PK in the children.  I think this should be doable
with a couple dozen lines of code, but it's a refinement that can be
added on top.  Care to submit a patch?  In the meantime, I added an
ereport(ERROR) to avoid leaving the system in an inconsistent state
(that probably would not even be reproduced correctly by pg_dump).

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