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2018-02-19 18:43 GMT+03:00 Tom Lane <>:
> We are not the upstream for the snowball stuff, and lack the expertise
> to decide whether proposed changes are any good.  To get anything
> changed there, you'd have to get it approved by the snowball group.
> As best I know, the original list
> is moribund, but there's a fork at
> that has at least some activity.

>From the original list it seems that is
frozen. But development work continues at by other people.
I'll try to send them a pull request.

> Probably the first step ought to involve syncing our copy with the
> current state of that upstream, something that's not been done in a
> very long time :-(

I think I will try to sync snowball dictionaries with
algorithms, it may be useful. Or maybe it is better to sync with the
github repository. I don't aware how they differ yet, though.

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