On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 11:33:30AM -0500, Joe Conway wrote:
> The attached does exactly this. Gives all system tables toast tables
> except pg_class, pg_attribute, and pg_index, and includes cat version
> bump and regression test in misc_sanity.
> Any further discussion, comments, complaints?

Thanks Joe for working on this.

+SELECT relname, attname, atttypid::regtype
+FROM pg_class c join pg_attribute a on c.oid = attrelid
+WHERE c.oid < 16384 AND
+      reltoastrelid = 0 AND
+      relkind = 'r' AND
+      attstorage != 'p'
This is really a good idea!  (Saw the suggestion upthread as well, did
not comment on it previously.)

Regression tests of pg_upgrade are failing as follows:
New cluster database "postgres" is not empty
Failure, exiting
+ rm -rf /tmp/pg_upgrade_check-Xn0ZLe

Just a thought: introducing a system function which returns
FirstNormalObjectId.  I have myself faced a couple of times case where
this OID is hardcoded in some tests.  I'll spawn a new thread about

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