Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> What is the plan for pg_pltemplate?  Is there a roadmap to get rid of
> it?  (It's not currently blocking anything for me.  I'm just wondering.)

I think it's just waiting for someone to put in the effort to make it

It seems like the extension mechanism could supersede it now, by switching
to a convention where the CREATE LANGUAGE command in the extension script
specifies all the language parameters explicitly.  But we would need to do
something extra to replace the functionality of tmpldbacreate --- perhaps
another extension control file flag?  Or maybe it'd be good enough to
hard-wire the db-owner-can-create behavior as enabled by TRUSTED, since
tmpltrusted = tmpldbacreate in every existing row.

One thing we'd have to address is how to not choke on old dump scripts
that contain "CREATE LANGUAGE foo" rather than CREATE EXTENSION.
I wonder if we could finesse that by redefining CREATE LANGUAGE with
no parameters as equivalent to CREATE EXTENSION.

pg_upgrade'ing across such a change might pose some challenges too,
not sure.

                        regards, tom lane

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