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> Are UPDATE and DELETE suppose to be supported ?

To be honest, I had not even considered those. Without looking in
detail I imagine it may be possible to allow this simply by setting
the AppendPath->trypartitionprune in the correct cases in the
inheritence_planner(). I would need to look into this in some detail
to find out for sure.

Another case which likely is simple to implement is the exact same
processing for MergeAppends. I currently see no reason why the same
pruning cannot be done for subnodes of that node type too. I've just
not done so yet. I'd rather get more sanity check reviews on the
current scope of the patch before I widen it out to other areas, but
at the same time also don't want to leave very simple things to PG12
which can easily be done in PG11. So I'll try to look at this and get
back to you, or perhaps release a new set of patches to support the
additional features.

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