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> I think results representation should be improved.  You show total size of 
> the database, but it's hard to understand how bloat degree was really 
> decreased, assuming that there are both update and append-only tables.  So, I 
> propose to show the results in per table manner.
> What is total number of transactions processed in both cases?  It would be 
> also more fair to compare sizes for the same number of processed transactions.
> Also, what are index sizes?  What are undo log sizes for zheap?
I've added the table sizes and TPS in the performance results. As of
now, we've just performed stress testing using pgbench. We've plans
for performing other tests including:
1. Introduce random delay in the transactions instead of keeping a
transaction open for 15 minutes.
2. Combination of ROLLBACK and COMMIT (As suggested by Fabien)
3. PGbench tests for fixed number of transaction.
4. Modify the distribution (As suggested by Alexander Korotkov)

Do let me know if any other tests are required.

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