Hello Amit,

> Sometime back Robert has proposed a solution to reduce the bloat in
> PostgreSQL [1] which has some other advantages of its own as well.  To
> recap, in the existing heap, we always create a new version of a tuple on
> an update which must eventually be removed by periodic vacuuming or by
> HOT-pruning, but still in many cases space is never reclaimed completely.
> A similar problem occurs for tuples that are deleted.  This leads to bloat
> in the database.

This is an impressive work!

Personally I would like to note that performance is probably not a
priority at this stage. Most important parts, in my humble opinion at
least, are correctness, maintainability (tests, documentation, how
readable the code is), extendability (e.g. an ability to add point in
time recovery in the future), interfaces and heap format. There is some
saying on premature optimization... don't remember exact words and who
said this.

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev

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