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On Thu, Mar 01, 2018 at 05:56:07PM +0800, 马来酸 wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Hi, my name is Hongyuan Ma. I am a junior student in software engineering in 
> Shanghai.I am interested in the idea "Develop Performance Farm Database and 
> Website".I started developing web applications since my sophomore year and 
> have experience in developing web sites.
> I took a look at the buildfarm project and in my opinion, the Performance 
> Farm project has three basic functions:
> User Authentication
> Upload data (json format or file format)
> Review the data(may provide search, sorting and other functions)
> Due to limited information on the idea page,  if you can provide more 
> detailed functional requirements, my thinking will be clearer.
>  I am willing to initialize this project in the next few days and initially 
> achieve some basic functions.

It's great to see such enthusiasm, but please keep in mind the schedule
of the program.  We still aren't sure how many students we will be
allowed to accept so don't let yourself get too consumed by implementing
a solution yet. :)

> I plan to use Django 2.x, which requires python 3.5+. Here are some of my 
> questions about this project.

We will want to stick to Django's LTS version, which is currently
v1.11 and will work with python 3.

I am imagining that having some RESTful services would be a good way to
transfer data so my suggestion is to also consider the Django Rest
Framework, which may also help with the user management.

> Should this project consider the use of front-end framework(vue,react,etc.) 
> to separate the front-end from the front-end?
> Does this project use the UI framework(antDesign,bootstrap,etc.) for better 
> visual effects?

I prefer to keep things simple by not having any javascript, but I am
open to being swayed otherwise by the potential consumers of this data.


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