Andres Freund <> writes:
> Yea, I misread the diff to think you added a conflicting version. Due
> to:
> -DATA =3D pg_stat_statements--1.4.sql pg_stat_statements--1.4--1.5.sql \
> +DATA =3D pg_stat_statements--1.5.sql pg_stat_statements--1.4--1.5.sql \

> and I'd checked that 1.5 already exists. But you just renamed the file,
> presumably because it's essentially rewriting the whole file?  I'm not
> sure I'm a big fan of doing so, because that makes testing the upgrade
> path more work.

Yeah, that is not project style anymore.  Just add a delta file and leave
it at that.  See e.g. de1d042f5979bc1388e9a6d52a4d445342b04932 for an

(We might from time to time roll up the deltas and replace the base
file with a newer version, but I think that should happen in separate
housekeeping commits.)

                        regards, tom lane

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