>> The better alternative may be to have two temporary memory contexts,
>> one per-tuple for calling the inner consistent method and one
>> per-index-scan for the traversal memory.
> Yes, this seems to be a better way of fixing the problem without introducing
> regressions mentioned by Tom. We'd keep a separate traversal context in
> ScanOpaque and run most of the spgWalk in it, except calling storeRes in
> query context and the inner consistent method in short-lived context.

Thanks to both for the feedback.
I will work on that and come back to you.

> Also, I think it would be worthwhile to test the resulting patch with
> valgrind. The allocations are not very apparent in the code, so it's easy to
> miss something.

I tried with valgrind in the first place and didn't see any suspicious
memory leaks but I will give it another try.

Best regards,

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