On 3/2/18 1:14 AM, Andres Freund wrote:
> On 2018-02-10 20:45:40 +0500, Andrey Borodin wrote:
>> I've contacted Postgres Professional. Marina Polyakova had kindly provided 
>> their patch.
>> The patch allows to use libc locale with ICU collation as default for 
>> cluster or database.
>> It seems that this patch brings important long-awaited feature and deserves 
>> to be included in last v11 commitfest.
>> Peter, everyone, do you agree with this? Or should we better adapt this work 
>> through v12 cycle?
>> I'm planning to provide review asap and do necessary changes if required 
>> (this was discussed with Marina and Postgres Professional).
> This patch was submitted for the last v11 commitfest, it's not a trivial
> patch, and hasn't yet been reviewed. I'm afraid the policy is that large
> patches shouldn't be submitted for the last commitfest...  Thus I think
> this should be moved to the next one.

This patch has been moved to the next CF.


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