On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 05:19:15PM +0300, Ildus Kurbangaliev wrote:
> At brief look at this place seems better to move this block into
> pattern_fixed_prefix function. But there is also `vartype` variable
> which used to in prefix construction, and it would require pass this
> variable too. And since pattern_fixed_prefix called in 10 other places
> and vartype is required only for this ptype it seems better just keep
> this block outside of this function.


> I've added documentation in current version of the patch.

Thank you.

Can you rebase the patch due to changes within pg_proc.h?

Also here

+   <para>
+    There is also the prefix operator <literal>^@</literal> and corresponding
+    <literal>text_startswith</literal> function which covers cases when only
+    searching by beginning of the string is needed.
+   </para>

I think text_startswith should be enclosed with the <function> tag. I'm
not sure, but I think <literal> used for operators, keywords, etc. I
haven't found a manual which describes how to use tags, but after looking
at the documentation where <function> is used, I think that for function
<function> should be used.

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