On 3/4/18 16:09, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>>> AFAICT, this still has the same problem as the previous take, namely
>>> that adding a TAP test suite to the pg_upgrade subdirectory will end up
>>> with the build farm client running the pg_upgrade tests twice.  What we
>>> likely need here is an update to the build farm client in conjunction
>>> with this.

> Pushed with a bug fix. See
> <https://github.com/PGBuildFarm/client-code/commit/826d450eff05d15c8bb3c5b2728da5328634a588>
> If you want to do this soon I can put out a Buildfarm Client release
> fairly quickly.

I think the dependency is mostly the other way around.  How quickly
would build farm owners install the upgrade?

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