> 7 марта 2018 г., в 3:25, Tels <nospam-pg-ab...@bloodgate.com> написал(а):
> It could be named "SkipTuples" (e.g. this is the number of tuples we need
> to skip, not the number we have skipped), and the other one then
> "iss_SkipTuplesRemaining" so they are consistent with each other.

I agree that name sounds strange (even for my globish ear).

I'm not sure, but may be this 
!               Assert(!(scandesc->numberOfOrderBys > 0 && 
should be if() elog(ERROR,...); ?
Also, I think that this check could be removed from loop. We do not expect that 
it's state will change during execution, do we?

Besides this, I think the patch is ready for committer.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.

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