* David G. Johnston ( wrote:
> Since we are discussing locking down our defaults is revoking the global
> function execution privilege granted to PUBLIC - instead limiting it to
> just the pg_catalog schema - on the table?
> I'm not sure how strongly I feel toward the proposal but it does come up on
> these lists; and the fact that it doesn't distinguish between security
> definer and security invoker is a trap for the unaware.

I wouldn't limit it to the pg_catalog schema, I'd just explicitly mark
the functions in pg_catalog which should have EXECUTE rights available

I'm afraid this would cause a lot of work for people who use a lot of
pl/pgsql, but it might be a good thing in the end.  Environments could
configure ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES to automatically install the GRANT
back if they wanted it, and pg_dump would just pull through whatever the
privileges actually were on old systems into the new systems.

This definitely comes up regularly when introducing new people to



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