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> > A huge +1 from me for the idea. I can't even count the number of black
> box
> > "WTF did you DO?!?" servers I've looked at, where bizarre behaviour has
> > turned out to be down to the user doing something very silly and not
> saying
> > anything about it.
> +1 from me, too.
My favourite remains an organisation that kept "fixing" an issue by kill
-9'ing the postmaster and removing postmaster.pid to make it start up
again. Without killing all the leftover backends. Of course, the system
kept getting more unstable and broken, so they did it more and more often.
They were working on scripting it when they gave up and asked for help.

The data recovery effort on that one was truly exciting. I remember looking
at bash history and having to take a short break to figure out how on earth
to communicate what was going on.

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