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> >>
> >> This kind of goes along with the suggestion I made yesterday to
> >> introduce a new function, which at the time I proposed calling
> >> initialize_grouping_rel(), to set up new grouped or partially grouped
> >> relations.  By doing that it would be easier to ensure the
> >> initialization is always done in a consistent way but only for the
> >> relations we actually need.  But maybe we should call it
> >> fetch_grouping_rel() instead.  The idea would be that instead of
> >> calling fetch_upper_rel() we would call fetch_grouping_rel() when it
> >> is a question of the grouped or partially grouped relation.  It would
> >> either return the existing relation or initialize a new one for us.  I
> >> think that would make it fairly easy to initialize only the ones we're
> >> going to need.
> >
> > Hmm. I am working on refactoring the code to do something like this.
> >
> Here's patch doing the same. I have split create_grouping_paths() into
> three functions 1. to handle degenerate grouping paths
> (try_degenerate_grouping_paths()) 2. to create the grouping rels,
> partial grouped rel and grouped rel (make_grouping_rels()), which also
> sets some properties in GroupPathExtraData. 3. populate grouping rels
> with paths (populate_grouping_rels_with_paths()). With those changes,
> I have been able to get rid of partially grouped rels when they are
> not necessary. But I haven't tried to get rid of grouped_rels when
> they are not needed.
> GroupPathExtraData now completely absorbs members from and replaces
> OtherUpperPathExtraData. This means that we have to consider a way to
> pass GroupPathExtraData to FDWs through GetForeignUpperPaths(). I
> haven't tried it in this patch.
> With this patch there's a failure in partition_aggregation where the
> patch is creating paths with MergeAppend with GatherMerge underneath.
> I think this is related to the call
> add_paths_to_partial_grouping_rel() when try_parallel_aggregation is
> true. But I didn't investigate it further.
> With those two things remaining I am posting this patch, so that
> Jeevan Chalke can merge this patch into his patches and also merge
> some of his changes related to mine and Robert's changes. Let me know
> if this refactoring looks good.

Thanks Ashutosh for the refactoring patch.
I will rebase my changes and will also resolve above two issues you have

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