2018-03-12 1:25 GMT-07:00 Aleksander Alekseev <a.aleks...@postgrespro.ru>:

> Hello Charles,
> > I am currently preparing a proposal for pg_thrift project. I noticed
> > that there are several protocols supported by thrift, which ones do we
> > have higher priority? I mean which ones I need to implement during
> > this project?
> Binary protocols, i.e. TBinaryProtocol and TCompactProtocol. The first
> one is a bit faster but more redundant, the second one is slower but
> more compact. It's your choice which one to implement first, but at
> least one binary protocol should be fully supported (ideally - both).
> As far as I'm aware other protocols are rarely used and are not fully
> implemented in most existing libraries.
Got it, thanks! it is helpful for the proposal.

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> Best regards,
> Aleksander Alekseev

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