Hi Ivan,

On 3/6/18 9:25 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 02:24:24PM +0300, Ivan Kartyshov wrote:
>> Hello, I now is preparing the patch over syntax that Simon offered. And in
>> few day I will update the patch.
>> Thank you for your interest in thread.
> It has been more than one month since a patch update has been requested,
> and time is growing short.  This refactored patch introduces a whole new
> concept as well, so my recommendation would be to mark this patch as
> returned with feedback, and then review it freshly for v12 if this
> concept is still alive and around.

This patch wasn't updated at the beginning of the CF and still hasn't
been updated after almost two weeks.

I have marked the patch Returned with Feedback.  Please resubmit to a
new CF when you have an updated patch.


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