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On 03/13/2018 07:37 AM, Amit Langote wrote:
I will continue working on improving the comments / cleaning things up and
post a revised version soon, but until then please look at the attached.

Passes check-world.

Some minor comments:

0001: Ok

0002: Ok

* Trailing white space
* pruning.c
  - partkey_datum_from_expr
* "Add more expression types..." -- Are you planning to add more of these ? Otherwise change the comment
  - get_partitions_for_null_keys
    * Documentation for method
    * 'break;' missing for _HASH and default case
  - get_partitions_for_keys
    * 'break;'s are outside of the 'case' blocks
    * The 'switch(opstrategy)'s could use some {} blocks
      * 'break;' missing from default
  - perform_pruning_combine_step
    * Documentation for method
* nodeFuncs.c
  - Missing 'break;'s to follow style

0004: Ok

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