On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 2:57 PM, Jim Finnerty <jfinn...@amazon.com> wrote:
> Passing NULL in place of queryEnv in PG10 causes a failure in installcheck
> tests portals and plpgsql.
> For PG10, if you want a both an ExplainOneQuery hook and clean run of
> installcheck, is there a better workaround than to (a) pass NULL in place of
> queryEnv, and (b) to comment out the portals and plpgsql tests?

Hi Jim,

I can't think of a good way right now.  It's unfortunate that we
couldn't back-patch 4d41b2e0 because 10 was out the door; but perhaps
you can?

Hmm.  I suppose we could have invented a new extended hook with a
different name and back-patched it so that PG10 would support both.
Then binary compatibility with existing compiled extensions wouldn't
be affected AFAICS, but you could use the new extended hook in (say)
10.4 or higher.  Then for PG11 (or later) we could remove the old hook
and just keep the new one.  I suppose that option is still technically
open to us, though I'm not sure of the committers' appetite for messing
with back branches like that.

Thomas Munro

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