On 2018/04/05 15:56, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
> (2018/04/05 15:37), Amit Langote wrote:
>> I noticed that the 2nd patch (foreign-routing-fdwapi-5.patch) fails to
>> apply to copy.c:
> I forgot to mention this: the second patch is created on top of the first
> patch (postgres-fdw-refactoring-5.patch) and the patch in [1] as before.

Ah, sorry I hadn't noticed that in your previous email.

Might be a good idea to attach the bug-fix patch here as well, and perhaps
add numbers to the file names like:


Just one minor comment:

I wonder why you decided not to have the CheckValidResultRel() call and
the statement that sets ri_PartitionReadyForRouting inside the newly added
ExecInitRoutingInfo itself.  If ExecInitRoutingInfo does the last
necessary steps for a ResultRelInfo (and hence the partition) to be ready
to be used for routing, why not finish everything there.  So the changes
to ExecPrepareTupleRouting which look like this in the patch:

+    if (!partrel->ri_PartitionReadyForRouting)
+    {
+        CheckValidResultRel(partrel, CMD_INSERT);
+        /* Set up information needed for routing tuples to the partition */
+        ExecInitRoutingInfo(mtstate, estate, proute, partrel, partidx);
+        partrel->ri_PartitionReadyForRouting = true;
+    }

will become:

+    if (!partrel->ri_PartitionReadyForRouting)
+        ExecInitRoutingInfo(mtstate, estate, proute, partrel, partidx);

As I see no other issues, I will mark this as Ready for Committer.


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