On 6 April 2018 at 20:38, Ernst-Georg Schmid
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> I can get the resultRelation and it is 1 (which matches the Documentation 
> that says that it would be 0 for a SELECT but I exclude SELECTs as you 
> suggested).

I didn't quite say exclude SELECT :)

I wrote:
> You'll probably also want to check the query->commandType to ensure
> the command is one that will actually have a valid resultRelation.

>     if(parse->commandType != CMD_SELECT) {

Does it perhaps crash on a utility command?

Have a look at parsenodes.h and find the comments for resultRelation,
then find the commandType field and look for the definition of
CmdType. You'll see you need to think a bit harder about which
commandTypes you allow.

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