Greetings Fabien,

* Fabien COELHO ( wrote:
> >>Here is a v14, after yet another rebase, and some comments added to
> >>answer your new comments.
> >
> >Attached v15 is a simple rebase after Teodor push of new functions &
> >operators in pgbench.
> Patch v16 is a rebase.

Thank you for the diligent efforts to keep this patch moving forward, I
know it's been a long time coming but it's also been through a number of
reviews and improvements.

With the UTF bits addressed previously, the rest of this patch doesn't
strike me as overly controversial.  I'm working through reviewing it and
barring any big issues I'll see if I can get it committed before feature
freeze, yet again, ends up swallowing it.

I expect to get the review done tonight, at which point I'll either
announce plans to commit it sometime tomorrow, or not, if there's issues
still to be resovled. :)  As such, taking it in the CF app as committer.



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