On Apr 7, 2018, at 12:49 AM, Tom Lane wrote:

> Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> writes:
>> I'm still not particularly happy with this.
> I'm a bit confused as to what the point is.  It seems unlikely that one
> pgbench process can effectively drive enough backends for select's
> limitations to really be an issue.

pgbench is multithreaded application, so in theory it can drive almost 
arbitrary number of connections.
It is limited only by network throughput, but if pgbench is launched at the 
same host and connected  to the server through loopback or unix sockets,
then network is also not a limit.
We quite often have to spawn more than 1k connections and SMP systems with 
hundreds of CPU.
So there are two choices: either use patched version of pgbench which is using 
poll, either spawn several instances of pgbench (which is not always 

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