Pavel Stehule wrote:

> so we can to have
> \pset format xxx
> and set of local possibly changed defaults
> \pset csv_fieldsep ,
> \pset csv_tuplesonly on
> \pset unaligned_fieldsep |
> \pset unaligned_tuplesonly off

tuples_only (\t) is a single setting that is currently used by all
formats. It makes sense as it is and I don't quite see what we
would gain by "exploding" it.
There's also "footer" that goes in tandem with "tuples_only",
to switch off the footer while keeping the header and title.
Whatever change is considered to "tuples_only", "footer" must
be considered with it.
For the csv format, tuples_only=off is interpreted as "output the header"
and tuples_only=on as "don't output the header". This is consistent
with what other formats do.

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