On 4/5/18 02:04, Pavel Raiskup wrote:
> Hello, for the support of multiple versions of PostgreSQL RPM packages on
> one system, we are thinking about having only one libpq.so.5
> (libecpg.so.6, libpgtype.so.3 respectively) supported and about building
> (linking) all the PostgreSQL package versions against that.  The pattern
> would mean that we'd have to update the system-wide libraries before
> adding support for new PostgreSQL major version and that the older
> packages (say version =< 9.6) would be run against libs from newer PG
> package (say libpq.so.5 from v10).
> Do you think it is a good idea in general?


> As a followup thought; there are probably two major obstacles ATM
>   - the DSOs' symbols are not yet versioned, and
>   - the build-system doesn't seem to know how to -lpq link against
>     external libpq.so

It's not clear to me why you would need these, given that Debian has
been doing this for many years without this.

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