On 3/26/18 12:07 PM, Nikita Glukhov wrote:
> On 26.03.2018 17:19, David Steele wrote:
>> On 2/20/18 10:14 AM, Haozhou Wang wrote:
>>> Thank you very much for your review!
>>> I attached a new patch with typo fixed.
>> I think it's a bit premature to mark this Ready for Committer after a
>> review consisting of a few typos.  Anthony only said that he started
>> looking at it so I've marked it Needs Review.
> Hi.
> I also have looked at this patch and found some problems.
> Attached fixed 3th version of the patch:
>  * initialization of arg->u.scalar was moved into PLy_output_setup_func()
>  * added range checks for int16 and int32 types
>  * added subroutine PLyInt_AsLong() for correct handling OverflowError
> that can
>    be thrown from PyInt_AsLong()
>  * casting from Python float to PostgreSQL numeric using
> PyFloat_AsDouble() was
>    removed because it can return incorrect result for Python long and
>    float8_numeric() uses float8 and numeric I/O functions
>  * fixed whitespace

There's a new patch on this thread but since it was not submitted by the
author I've moved this entry to the next CF in Waiting for Author state.


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