On 4/10/18 11:24 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> David Steele wrote:
>> For the moment I have left all bugs in the 2018-03 CF.  I can can add
>> them to the "Older Bugs" section of the PG 11 Open Items but I'm not
>> convinced that is the best way to track them.  If they are added to
>> "Older Bugs", does that mean they get closed?  Or should we just add a
>> link to the CF entry in "Older Bugs"?
> OpenItem's "Older Bugs" section is generally a way to ignore items
> forever (ie., they don't represent a true Open Item for this release.)
> I think it's better to move these patches to the next commitfest
> instead.

OK, I did it that way and closed the CF.


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