I have discovered that:

        make clean; make check

fails with:

        /bin/mkdir -p '/pgtop'/tmp_install/log
        make -C '.' DESTDIR='/pgtop'/tmp_install install 
>'/pgtop'/tmp_install/log/install.log 2>&1
        src/Makefile.global:388: recipe for target 'temp-install' failed
        make: *** [temp-install] Error 2

and '/pgtop'/tmp_install/log/install.log says:

        relpath.c:21:37: fatal error: catalog/pg_tablespace_d.h: No such file 
or directory
         #include "catalog/pg_tablespace_d.h"
        compilation terminated.
        <builtin>: recipe for target 'relpath.o' failed
        make[3]: *** [relpath.o] Error 1

Oddly, this works:

        make clean; make; make check

I found this because I have some scripts that do the former.  The
problem has existed for several days now and I only now dug into it.

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