On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 17:40:05 +0200
Anthony Iliopoulos <ail...@altatus.com> wrote:

> LSF/MM'18 is upcoming and it would
> have been the perfect opportunity but it's past the CFP deadline.
> It may still worth contacting the organizers to bring forward
> the issue, and see if there is a chance to have someone from
> Pg invited for further discussions.

FWIW, it is my current intention to be sure that the development
community is at least aware of the issue by the time LSFMM starts.

The event is April 23-25 in Park City, Utah.  I bet that room could be
found for somebody from the postgresql community, should there be
somebody who would like to represent the group on this issue.  Let me
know if an introduction or advocacy from my direction would be helpful.


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